Fernweh Chronicles Real Name, Age, Wiki, Biography, Net Worth & More

Fernweh Chronicles Real Name, Age, Wiki, Biography, Net Worth & More

Fernweh Chronicles is a name of a YouTube channel owned and operated by two partners George and Tara. They were from the USA met in central America and get married in Florida. They have two beautiful children, Live and Bodhi. Their story was amazing and very interesting. Let’s know more about this American travel partner Fernweh Chronicles Real Name, Age, Wiki, Biography, Net Worth & More….

Fernweh Chronicles Bio / Wiki

Real Name George and Tara
Profession Traveler, YouTuber, Content Creator and Social Media Influencer
Nationality American
Live In Colorado
Marital Status Married
Ethnicity German
Religion Christian
Salary $20k
Net Worth $1 million

Early Life of George

George was born on 27th of October in the year 1988 in a small city in the USA. He completed his schooling from a private school and went to Florida State University for his higher studies. His father was an Sailor and his mother was a housewife. Besides this, George has two younger brothers and they are now living separately in America.

Early Life of Tara

Tara was born on 2nd of March in the year 1991 in South Carolina. Her father was a businessman and her mother was working in a restaurant. She completed her early education from a government school. After completing her schooling, she went to a government college where she completed her graduation.

Career of George

George holds a bachelor degree in merchant Navy from Florida State University. He completed his schooling from a private school in Florida. After completing his schooling, he got admission in Florida State University where he studied merchant Navy. After completing his bachelor studies, he got his dream job in a private ship where he worked as a third officer for 4 years.

During his job in ships, he travel many countries in Asia, Europe and south America. He fell in love with traveling to new countries and meeting new peoples and cultures. He decided to leave his job and started traveling. But, at this time, he doesn’t have savings. He started savings during his last year of his job and started traveling when he left his job. He travel almost 30+ countries as of now.

He travels full time. But he doesn’t have any job. So he ran out of money very fast. Then he decided to start a YouTube channel and post videos on it. Currently he has more than 100k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel where he posted travel related videos with his wife.

Career of Tara

Tara was started her career as a teacher. She completes her early education from a government school in south Carolina. After completing her schooling, she went to a college for her graduation. When she completed her graduation studies, she got a job in a school where she worked as a school teacher and taught children in America.

One day, she started watching a random travel video of Malini Angelica on YouTube. Tara was thinking how a girl could do this. If Malini can do it, then Tara can also do this. She made her mind set and started savings for her future travels. She made enough money to travel in central America. She booked a ticket and started her traveling journey. She met George in Honduras while she travels in central America. Then they both started traveling together.

Fernweh Chronicles Love Story

George and Tara were two different travelers who traveled in Central America at the same time. But they never met. Oneday day, they suddenly crossed paths in Honduras (a country in Central America). They met and started traveling together. After traveling together in Central America, they came to South America and then to Asia. 

Fernweh Chronicles Real Name, Age, Wiki, Biography, Net Worth & More

Then George and Tara bought a bike (Royal Enfield) in Delhi, India and started moto vlogging on the roads of India and Nepal. They both travel to Nepal from India on their bike and travel continuously for two months. Then they realize that they are going out of money. George and Tara decided to come back to the USA with a minimum budget.

To return to the USA, they don’t have enough money to buy a flight ticket. Then George decided to sail back to the USA. He started finding jobs on boats and Yachts. Finally he got a job and sailed to Africa from Canary Island on a 34 feet sail boat. After reaching Africa they start waiting for a new boat. After waiting for 23 days, they finally got a job in a boat and sailed to St. Lucia from the coast of Africa. After reaching St. Lucia, they started finding new jobs in the Caribbean and Mexico and started saving again to travel.

Fernweh Chronicles Real Name, Age, Wiki, Biography, Net Worth & More

After doing all of this, George and Tara fell in love with each other and decided to get married. They came to South Florida and got married. After marriage, they moved to Colorado and built their own house in the USA. Today, they have two beautiful childrens Liv and Bodhi. Currently George and Tara were travel together with their children Liv and Bodhi

Social Profiles

George and Tara aka Fernweh Chronicles are very famous on social media. They are known for their quality videos, photos and posts on social media profiles like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and many more. Fernweh Chronicles has more than 100k+ subscribers on their YouTube channel and has more than 15k+ followers on Instagram where they regularly posted videos, photos and stories. Follow Fernweh Chronicles on Instagram for more interesting updates about their travels.

Net Worth

George and Tara aka Fernweh Chronicles’s main source of income was generated from their travel videos and sponsorships. They had more than 100k+ subscribers on YouTube where they were able to make $4k to $6k every month. Besides this, Fernweh Chronicles was also making money from brand sponsorships and country sponsorships. They make $50k to $120k from their sponsor videos and photos on Instagram. Fernweh Chronicles’s net worth is about $1 million as of now.

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