This British ship hit by missile in sinking in the Red Sea amid Gaza war. The owner of the cargo ship is looking the vessel to Saudi Arabia. Reuters reported that the decision will be taken once a leak can fixed. British vessel, RUBYMAR, was abandoned in the southern Read Sea last week.

Roy Khoury, CEO of Lebanon-based blue fleet group, said there is a small leakage on Feb 18, the Houthi caused significant damage to the ship with their attack. U.S Centcom said that the attack also resulted in a 29 km oil slick in the area. The Yemen-based rebels said that the freighter was at the risk of sinking.

Last week, Houthis even sent a formal notice to shipping officials and insures. They banned vessels linked to Israel, U.S and UK from sailing in surrounding seas. Shipping risk have escalated due to Houthi drone and missile strike since Nov 2023. The Iran backed rebels have targeted ships in Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab Strait.

The Houthi rebels say their attack are in support of the Palestinians in Gaza. The U.S and British forces have responded with several strikes on Houthi facilities in Yemen since January this year but have so far failed to halt the attacks

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