Biden ‘Frustrated’ and Called Netanyahu a “Bad F***ing Guy”

U.S President Joe Biden has called Israeli pm Benjamin Netanyahu a “Bad fucking Guy”. A column in politico on Sunday revealed claims from private conversations. White house denied claims, saying “The president did not say that, nor would he”. Spokesperson Andrew Bates stressed that the two leaders have “A decades-long relationship that is respectful in public and in private”.

The magazine claimed that Biden and Netanyahu have had a tense relationship in 2023. These amides disagreements concerning Netanyahu government’s judicial reform plan. It also cited behavior of far-right members of government and plans concerning Gaza.

Earlier in 2023, Biden urged Netanyahu to “walk away” from the judicial reform plan. Biden highlighted massive protests that swept Israel concerning the plan. But Netanyahu responded he would not make decisions based on “pressures from aboard”.

Additionally, the Joe Biden administration is pushing for a framework that would eventually lead to the creation of a Palestinian state. Netanyahu has even rejected any plan to established a Palestinian state in recent weeks.

In January, NBC reported that the Biden administration was meeting with members of the Knesset opposition and repetitive of civil society. The expect a future government to not be led by the current Pm Netanyahu.

As per Politico magazine’s Sunday column, it is Biden’s deep-seated fear that Netanyahu is eager to drag the U.S into a wider war in the Middle East. The conflict would ensure the flow of American weapons to the region and troops would follow. In this maelstrom, international pressure on Netanyahu to agree to a Gaza ceasefire and his domestic political difficulties both dissipate.

Jonathan Martin, politico’s senior columnist and politics burau chief, made the claims that Joe Biden said Netanyahu a “Bad Fucking Guy”


Author: Adolf