Hamas Rains Rockets Again in Israeli Cities | Israeli Runs for Life

Tel Aviv: Hamas militants claimed to have fired a rocket salvo towards Israeli cities. The group said it attacked Israel’s capital Tel Aviv with a rocket barrage. Hamas said the attack was in response to the killing of civilians in the Gaza Strip. Air raid sirens were heard in major cities cross central Israel, as per local media, rocket sirens went off in central Israel for the first time in this week.

Residents ran for shelters as warnings of incoming rockets sounded in Israel cities. According to Israel media, sounds of explosions in Israeli cities were also heard. The attack highlights the group’s ability even after over 100 days of war now. That means Hamas is still capable to do this.

Reports have also indicated that Hamas has re-established its presence in North Gaza. Israeli army radio reported rocket fire and gun battle in northern Gaza recently. As per army radio report, IDF believes some 2000 Hamas fighters are still in the region. This has reportedly led to IDF now planning to bolster troop activity in Noth Gaza.

Earlier, IDF said it had “completed dismantling” of Hamas’ command structure in North Gaza. Renewed fighting in north would complicate plans to allow Gazans to return home.

Author: Adolf