Hezbollah is the Next Target of Israel’s Defense Force?


Israeli defense minister warned Hezbollah amid along the Lebanon border. Yoav gallant hinted at a “forceful operation” on Israel’s northern border. Gallant said that a stage will come when our patience will run out. The Israeli minister even cited possibilities of a “wide escalation”. He made the comment during an assessment regarding the home front in greater Haifa.

“Israeli defense minister Yoav Gallant says that “the stage will come when our patience will run out, and a forceful action to enforce peace on the northern border will also affect the Haifa metropolis”.

“We are ready, but we continue to prepare, gaining more and more capabilities because not all things are solved, but things are done well. And we have to take account the possibility of a wide escalation, this is something that can happen.”

“Alongside the military predation that we are advancing, and alongside the process that we are trying to lead in the political-diplomatic efforts, we are also preparing in the civilian area and the home front command as received clear instruction”.

The situation in Haifa will not be good, but in Beirut, the situation will be devastating.” The remarks come amid clashes between Hezbollah and IDF in Northen Israel. Israel-Lebanon border has become a heavy combat zone since war broke out in Gaza.

More than 100 Hezbollah fighters and commanders have been killed in clashes with Israel. Several Lebanese and Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers have also been killed in the clashes.

Author: Adolf